Monday, August 16, 2010

Another IM - IM Texas!

I just couldn't help myself... I really did not plan on doing an Ironman triathlon next year; but then they went ahead and created a brand new IM event, right here in Texas! So... here we go again... May 21st, 2011 I will be participating in the inaugural Ironman Texas :)  If the weather patterns hold from the previous couple of years, this is going to have the same super-high humidity (90+ percent) and even higher temperatures than IM Cozumel. That means I'll have to have a smarter race to avoid another 5 hour marathon/walkathon.

I'm starting to put together my training plan, which will kick in around October for the base phase. I'm not a huge fan of cold weather riding, but I'd definitely prefer to deal with cold than be doing 5 and 6 hour bike rides with high temps of 100+ degrees! Then come race day, I'll just pray for some clouds and maybe even a bit of light rain : )

Right now, I'm getting myself ready for a mission trip to Haiti in September. A lot to do between now and then. Hopefully I'll get at least one more blog post out before the trip...