Monday, February 27, 2012

This one's for you, bro

So, I've been off the blog for a bit. No great reason, really, just been doing other things (including building a new coaching website that I'll post about at some later date). And I'm really not sure what to say for this post, because it's such sad and unexpected news - my younger brother Jeff has just found out that he has stage 3 colon cancer. He's up for the fight, I know that; he has a wife and 3 kids and he's only 43 years old - so he's going to do what he has to do to beat this... and he has a bunch of family and friends that love him deeply and will be fighting alongside him. It's still one great big sucker punch to the gut for him and his family, and for all of us that do love him. Jeff's a great guy, the one who always is helping others and making them laugh and smile. Now he's going to need us to help him, and to help him find the laughter and smiles where we can. The doctors say he has at least 9 months to a year of chemotherapy ahead, so everyone's prayers on this are greatly appreciated.

It just so happens that my next triathlon is an official Livestrong event (IM 70.3 Texas in Galveston); so I went ahead and registered for Team Livestrong for this event; and I'll be dedicating this race to my brother. I've already registered and paid for the race, so I don't have any kind of fundraising minimum - it is just a small gesture on my part to show my support. I was thinking that if a number of people can pledge even just $5 or something - maybe that list of names and show of concern will help strengthen his spirit. Maybe not... I don't know... but I just have to do something!

Here is the LINK where you can donate if you'd like - Thank you!

Love you Jeff!