Monday, September 19, 2011

Last long (triathlon) training weekend of the year!

I still have the San Antonio marathon in November, but in terms of triathlon I am nearing the end of the year...  I have a short triathlon this upcoming weekend, and then a Half IM the following weekend. So, this past weekend was the final "what happened to having a life" training weekend of the year; and it felt great. Felt great because it went well, and also because it was the last one! : )

Saturday I did 71 miles of biking, followed by a 5 mile run. The first 40 miles I rode with the training group and a couple of friends, and then I finished it up on my own. The temperatures actually were relatively cool, with a high of about 90 and a few clouds. That may not sound cool to some folks; but here in Texas that was a cold front! At least this year...

After the long bike and 5 mile run on Saturday, and after having gone 18 miles on my long run the past couple of weeks - I was not expecting the greatest of times for my 20 mile run on Sunday. But as soon as I started running, I just felt good and could tell it would be one of those days where you "run with wings". I just kept clicking off mile after mile without my legs feeling sore or tight or overly fatigued; and finished up the 20 miles with a pace of 8:02/mile. For me, that was a great run and much better than expected. What a great way to end the triathlon training for this year!

Now we'll just see how well things go in these upcoming races, although I don't really have any hard goals or stress about it. I just want to enjoy the races, do well, and then I'll turn my attention to run-specific training leading into the San Antonio Marathon.

Enjoy every day...