Monday, May 31, 2010

Where did that 2 1/2 weeks go???

Wow, realized it has been nearly 3 weeks since I last posted! Either I was really busy, or just didn't have much to say (probably a little bit of both). Here's a few of the things that have been taking up my time recently:

- Working with a couple of other local triathletes to get a new triathlon club off the ground. I'm really excited about this one. The area I live in has seen phenomenal growth over the last few years, so we're overdue for having an organization for the local triathletes. It's been interesting and challenging and fun. Hardest part seems to be getting the initial momentum started, but I think we're starting to turn that corner.

- Preparation for the Lake Pflugerville Triathlon on June 20th. I'm the swim director, and work with the race director on all things swim related; as well as anything else that I can help out with.

- Assisting with a couple of open water swim clinics. These are held out at Lake Pflugerville, and give new triathletes a chance to learn a few tips about open water swimming; and then try it out on the actual swim course that we set up for the race. I love doing these, as I know how daunting the open water swimming is for many new triathletes (as it was for me). It's great to see the look on their face by the end, when they realize they can do it...

- Traveled to Tennessee for my sister's wedding. Her and her husband are both deaf interpreters by occupation, and a few of their co-workers were there as well. There is something about sign language that is so demonstrative and beautiful, it really made the wedding very special.

- Took a training class related to work. Not too exciting, but it took up 3 days of last week :)

Next month I'll be doing more preparation for the triathlon, including setting up the course the day before. Then the event itself... and then heading off to Florida for another wedding (this time it is my wife's brother getting married). Oh, and I'll throw in some training in between that stuff... : )

Life is a great gift, enjoy it!

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  1. I love what you are doing for the triathlon community, training people, trying to start a new club, I wish I was down there with you, I would love to help out.