Friday, July 29, 2011

My new "obsession"

I've always considered doing marathons and ironman distance triathlons something that borders on being an obsession. When people ask me if I think they could do one, I usually say that it is more a question of obsession than ability : ) So... I ended up coming up with a design that I think expresses how one travels down the path from shorter races (5K, sprint tri) to eventually being hooked on marathons and iron distance triathlons. Found a very quick, easy way to put that on some t-shirts and merchandise, based on the simple premise that I think it is fun and I would want one! Here are links to the marathon and triathlon shops, respectively; and if there is anyone out there reading this that cares to provide feedback, that'd be great. To be sure, this is nothing that I expect to turn into much; but it was just fun to take an idea and really do something with it; instead of just talking about it : )  Maybe some day it will finance my 12 Step program to recover from being an endurance sports addict...

Marathon shop

Triathlon shop

In other news, doing a sprint triathlon this weekend. Looking forward to a short and sweet, redline all the way, just see what ya got type of race.


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  1. I have thought about alot, trying to come up with something that will fund my racing addiction. Base salary does not meet my needs for the amount of racing I want to do and I cant have a second job because I need to train to race. You know the delimna. I have so many quirky to motivating thoughts and phrases I could slap on a shirt, hoping it would sell and the money would go directly into my racing habit.

    I love the slogan, brillant, honestly, your only marketing to athletes you have done each distance, which is a small crowd of people. I think your on to something here though. Again this is a brillant slogan, if you tweek it and make another one (while keeping this one as well), you can market it to a larger group of athletes

  2. thanks, appreciate the feedback and encouragement! Good input...