Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Hello, my name is JD and I am a blogaholic!  Seriously with so many people writing blogs, why in the world do I need to add mine into the mix? Well, I don't... but I enjoy it so I do it : )

This is really nothing more than my online journal, which I've found to be a fun and interesting exercise. And if anybody else finds it occasionally interesting or useful, then that is just a nice bonus! I spend a lot of my time competing and training in triathlons and the occasional marathon, and have recently started coaching other athletes, so that will be a frequent discussion topic. I also use the blog to highlight certain items, causes, and events that I think are important and worthy of attention. A few of those causes are mentioned below, and if nothing else; it would be wonderful if even a few people take a look and help raise awareness.

This blog follows my effort from last year to track a pretty crazy 12 months of triathlons and marathons that I dedicated to a program called Hope For Kidz, which helps educate children in Haiti. Given the recent earthquake there, it is all the more important that the international community helps to bring that country to a reasonable standard of living. Education for the children will continue to be an important part of Haiti's rebuilding, long after the cameras and reporters are gone and the current relief efforts completes the immediate mission... So I'll continue to support and raise awareness for this program.

By the way, if you want to contribute in a direct way to the earthquake relief, I can personally vouch for the folks involved with this relief effort, as the organization involved (RMI) is the people who live in Haiti and take care of our mission team when we are there.

Another very worthwhile cause that I've been drawn to is Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation. This organization was actually started when a 4-year old girl with cancer decided that she wanted to have a lemonade stand fundraiser to find a cure for childhood cancer. That simple gesture turned into an organization that continues to raise awareness and funds to battle pediatric cancer, and to provide assistance to the children and families that are fighting with the disease. I first learned of ALSF through a little girl named Ishani, and have now joined "Team Lemon" to try and do my part (Racing to Save Kids) to carry on the fight.

One final item I'll mention from time to time are trips that I participate in to Piedras Negras, Mexico. A group of local churches travel down there about 4-5 times a year to help with various projects. My personal favorite is a lady named Irma, who I call "the angel". Irma lives in a run-down neighborhood in Piedras Negras built along the railroad track property, and provides a hot meal to about 200 local children every school day from her tiny house and kitchen.

So, that's it for an introduction... Please check out some of the items highlighted above, and come back soon to check for new entries if you are so inclined.

Thank you,

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