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Ironman Texas Bike Course directions/info

Update April 2012: Bike course has changed slightly (new course posted here). Nothing of major significance, but something you will want to review.

Update June 2011: Here are just a couple of quick notes on the actual course differences from what is below; in case anyone wants to come back and use this info in the future:

- Instead of going straight thru Conroe-Huffsmith to Mahogany Way, you turn left on Weisinger and take that to Mahogany Way (then left on Mahogany and continue).

- Instead of going straight down 149 to State Spur 149 and turning left; you take the left at 1488; and then turn RIGHT onto State Spur 149; then a LEFT on Dobbin-Hufsmith.

- Instead of turning right on W Branch Crossing Dr, you turn LEFT and head to Woodlands Pkwy. For practice rides, I'd still recommend turning right and spending less time on Woodlands Pkwy.

For folks doing IM TX; here's some information I have gathered on the bike course, and then checked out myself this past weekend via both car and bike. This is the most current and accurate info I can come up with, which hopefully can be helpful to those of you that might want to pre-ride the course. There will likely be one or two changes to the bike course before race day... If I find out about them I'll try to come back and make updates. Also, leave a comment if you have any corrections or items to add...

So, first of all, here's an elevation chart that I got from my Garmin 310XT by driving the full course in a car. I followed the course directions below faithfully, other than an extra 1/4 mile where we missed the turn from 2854 to 149.

Bike Ride Directions/Tips (All mileages approximate)

As many have learned, there are currently (as of this writing) some inaccuracies on the official website description of the bike course. Here is my attempt at directions that correct those errors, as well as some miscellaneous tips and alternate routes. 

(Here's a LINK to a mapmyride course that incorporates most of these directions; created by Iron Buckeye from the slowtwitch tri forum)

*** Note on starting point: Woodlands Pkwy is not very biker friendly, especially later in the day (OK early am). Lots of traffic lights as well, even on the alternate route along Lake Woodlands/Sterling Ridge (see end section for that alternate route)

• Start at Town Green Park (practice rides you can park/start from the HEB parking lot across the street)

• Left on Lake Robbins

• Left on Grogan’s Mill

• Right on Woodlands Pkwy (BEFORE MILE 1)

• Right on 2978 (BEFORE MILE 9)
            Good starting point here, strip mall being built has lots of empty parking spaces

• Bear right onto Egypt LANE (MILE 10)  ; Or use ALTERNATE ROUTE below

• Straight thru 1488 onto Conroe Hu­ffsmith

• Left on Mahogany Way (Short) ; this one isn’t listed on the official map; but is the only way to get back to Honea Egypt

• Right onto Honea Egypt (MILE 12)

-> ALTERNATE ROUTE: Simply stay on 2978, which turns into Honea Egypt/Egypt Community Road after you cross 148

• Bear right (mostly straight) onto Sendera Ranch Road/Fish Creek

• Left on 2854 and turn right/west at the light after ramp (approx MILE 19) ; go thru 105, becomes Lone Star Pkwy

• Right onto 149 (approx MILE 30) ; not marked well, large intersection with stop sign

• Right onto Osborne Rd (MILE 36.5) ; Look for big carport on the right of it and a black wooden fence around it

• Left on FM 1375 (dead end around MILE 40)

• Right on 149 (dead end around MILE 42.5)

• Right on 1791 (MILE 44)

• Left on Taliaferro Rd after small bridge (approx MILE 45)

• Left on County Rd 209 (Just BEFORE MILE 47) ; really just curving left on what seems to be the same road

• Left on Bays Chapel (Just AFTER MILE 49 ; Short)

• Right on 149
*** First convenience stores you’ll see are on this road right around mile 52. Next ones are another 20 miles or so.

• Left on FM 2562 (MILE 57)

• Left on FM 2819 (Just BEFORE MILE 60)  ; this road is missing from official map

• Right on 1486 (MILE 65) ; continue all the way past 105
*** Convenience stores at miles 72 and 78 (second one on left before crossing 105)

• Left on Jackson (Just before MILE 81)  ; or use ALTERNATE ROUTE below
*** Look for small brown sign on left for High Meadow Estates

ALTERNATE ROUTE: stay on 1486, LEFT on 1774, LEFT on 1488, RIGHT on 149
            Adds just under 4 miles to the route, but safer roads

• Straight on 149 ; Jackson turns into 149
*** EXXON around mile 88.5

• Left on State Spur 149 (MILE 91) -> short distance

• Right on Dobbin Hu­fsmith ; Look for flashing yellow traffic lights
SHORTCUT: Turn LEFT on Hardin Store Road to get back to 2978 (save 4-5 miles)

• LEFT on 2978 (before MILE 100) ; says RIGHT on the official map, but only if you’re going to Houston…

• Right on Greenmoor (approx MILE 102.5)
*** Look for yellow street intersection sign, and then entrance to “The Woodlands” neighborhood sign

• Immediate Right onto May Valley Drive ; you’ll get to intersection on this road where you turn right to stay on the road

• Right onto W Branch Crossing Drive (MILE 104)

• Right onto Woodlands Pkwy (MILE 106) ; Or use ALTERNATE ROUTE below

• Left on Grogans Mill ; exit to the right in order to turn left

• Right on Lake Robbins

ALTERNATE ROUTE: Continue on Branch Crossing Drive thru Woodlands Pkwy, Right on Sterling Ridge, Left on Lake Woodlands, Right on Grogan’s Mill, Left on Lake Robbins

• Finish at Town Green Park

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  1. This looks about as good as it can be right now. Thanks for posting all of this.

    We did the course yesterday and missed the turn on 2854 too - we just ended up intersecting with 105 and just stayed on it until hitting Lonestar parkway.

    So far this year I have done the northern part of the course 6 times and the wind has been out of the south each time. It sucks.

    IMO, the worst parts are heading south on 2562 and then making that turn onto 1486 after 2819. The heads winds are fun!

    And then after you hit Jackson the traffic and narrow shoulders makes for some tense moments all the way back to the Woodlands!

    I'll probably just stay on the Ironstar course from this point on!